Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 5, 2010 Bandh - A suggestion.

Though I have lots of disagreements and charges with Marxist-Lefts I still believe at least they are people (said to be) based on a scientific ideology. They are still 80% better than DMK and ADMK.I noted an important point to be considered that happened in this Bandh announced  primarily by Left and supported by BJP and other regional opposition parties.

The ruling class media has projected this Bandh as anti-people and showed that people were suffering and showing their displeasure over parties announcing the bandh. When I talked to commoners who do not have any strong political orientation in Chennai City I found that they also have similar views about the opposition parties conducting a Bandh. They could not realize that the Bandh is for their welfare and their trust on Left and opposition parties diminish. I heard even people saying "what these bunch of MP/MLAs are doing ? They just live luxuriously. Travel in ac cars. Fly using Govt money. Enjoy their life. Why don't they come to the road and stage a hunger strike ?".

It is important for the Lefts to recognize this irritation among people. What is the reason for this irritation ? I see one reason. The people could not realize that the Left leaders, MLAs and MPs are for people welfare. Why ?

Because these MPs/MLAs have no first hand in this Bandh. MPs/MLAs are representatives of the people. By the people and for the people. So when such an issue like Petroleum price hike comes they should fight/agitate first., Suppose if the Parliament session is under way, then the Left raises this issue on the parliament through their MPs and MLAs in State Assemblies. If not it starts from the People for Bandh. In the Parliamentary System setup the democratic fight starts from the Parliament, MPs-MLAs, Councilors, Panjayath heads and finally The People. Here in this strike that order is missing.

Now, In an agitation such as the Petroleum Price-hike Bandh, since the parliament session is not under way the Left announced Bandh directly involving the people. The thing I noted is the hierarchy of representation should be followed in a Bandh or in any other such agitation. It should start from MPs, MLAs declaring their protest and do Dharna's in front of Parliament or Prime Minister's Office/Home or President's Office/Home. If it is in the state then MLAs should be doing this in front of Assembly or Chief Minister's office / home or Governor's Office / Home.

Now, Let us consider a scenario if similar thing happened in the case of July 5 Bandh. Instead of CPM declaring a Bandh directly, CPM declares that all their MPs and MLAs would sit on an indefinite hunger strike in front of parliament or Prime minister's office. The media has no other go than to cover it and let the people know that (only) the Left Cadres they have elected are protesting against this price hike. Other parties must have taken a decision immediately before going to the people. After hunger strikes and other kinds of demonstrations by the MPs / MLAs, if still the Govt looks adamant on the issue we are fighting then the next step would be joining the next level of elected-members of the system (e.g. Councilors) and again stage demonstrations and strikes should be carried out. And in this process political parties will have to take a side as well as the issue gets highlighted on the media and in the people's mind. People would also get a feeling that the people they have elected fought for them truly and start to incline towards the agitation. Finally, on a day, the Bandh has to be announced which will definitely get lots of people than ever in support of it.

The other reason people might hate this type of Bandhs is that it stops there itself without further actions. The Lefts believe that with the mass threatening the center will obey and withdraw their hike. But now it seems they do not. Probably we can wait one more week to see whether the Govt reacts positively on this Petroleum Price hike issue. Then what is next ? There is no answer or declaration from the Left party to the people. So people would tend to think that there is no use on these agitations. Similar thing happened in 2009 February-May period. Lots of Bandhs, agitations, demonstrations and hunger strikes were conducted against the SriLankan war genocides but none of them got any results. Because nobody has a position to declare "what's next  step?". And democratic means of agitation become a mockery.

Do we remember the 1.4 Trillion(1 lakh crore) US Dollars(1$=45 Rs) Indian's black money is kept in Swiss Bank accounts? Convert US $ into Rupees would give (45 Lakh Crore Rupees..Wow). This news got heat in 2008 and Left and oppositions raised this issue. Some Pranab Mukerjee gave a statement we will act to bring the money back to India. Thats it. No follow ups. Even opposition parties do have 'amnesia' including CPM ? And in this July Bandh every media bothered about one day's loss to India due to the strike. The estimate for one day loss varied from 3000 Crores to 13000 Crores. None of the 'Economic Gillis' remembered 1.4 Trillion US dollars.

This democracy setup is a bogus setup. CPM's way of democratic demonstrations are going ceremonial. People beginning to think Bandh and all are a waste and nothing will come out of it. Even in such a situation this way of doing a democratic struggle might help people-elected-members-Party relationship to grow stronger. What do you think ?

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