Monday, June 1, 2009

A Tamilian's letter to a racistic Sinhalese.

Following is a reply to Rdeaerandra, I believe he is a Sinhaelese, who commented on a YouTube Video showing Tamil people suffering on the Sri Lankan Govts camps, and the hospital shelling in the recent April 2009 genocidal war against LTTE and Tamils. His comment was similar to .."It was a nicely shot movie by LTTE. Instead of taking such movies those f...ers can run away."..
Through this letter I also ask the Sinhalese people to find out what is the 'real' problem..
I hope you must be very happy now.
Becos your Rajapksha wiped out LTTE. Isn't it ?

I even saw the photographs and videos those demeaning a great rebel leader Prabhakaran. Earlier I have seen the video of Sinhalese Soldiers raping two dead bodies of the LTTE women soldiers. Compared to that, this is nothing. But do you think you can ever live peacefully after this ? After killing 30,000 Tamil people and driving 2 lakh people homeless, do you think you can live peacefully ? No my friend. When there is no hope to live then there will be only bloodshed. Be ready. If you think 'Only Sinhala and No Tamils' then this war will never end, until you wipe out the entire Tamils from Sri lanka and from TamilNadu or Tamils wipe out your entire parliament rulers.(They won't kill you mud-heads. They will kill only your rulers). Read about the genocides happened all over the world. Compare it with what your government is doing to Tamils.

I don't expect a humanitarian outcry from people like you because as I said your minds were already thick headed. You don't know anything about the politics goes there. You just have hatred. That blinds all your eyes. Let me give you some awareness.

The Sinhala Government's war against LTTE and Tamils costed around 200 billion US dollars. If you are a thick head you will ask "So what ?".
Rajapaksha Govt borrowed all these money from India, China, Russia, Pakistan etc. All these money just to kill some native people who asked 'self-determination' rights. How do you think Sinhala Govt of yours will pay it back ? Guys like you who live in abroad will pay off this 200 billion dollars for your govt ? No. Sri Lanka has already given way to multinational companies to use its natural oil resources as a pay off, contract deals. For e.g. Tea plantation and oil-petrol industries are entirely taken in by Indian companies. China is building a port for Srilanka (is it for free ?). China gave all the arms to the Sinhala Govt. In return they will get all the profitable resources from Sri Lanka. "Weapons for you..Profit for them". China is a well known country that was supporting terrorism / genocidal governments world wide in weaker countries so that they can slowly empower their economy and their people. India has a stupid foreign policy. To prevent China, US, Pakistan and Russia entering inside Srilanka (for a military base) it is supporting all the genocidal activities of Sri lanka. Now, In your country day by day prices are increasing incredibly. Unemployment increases.
Sinhalalese journalists too (about 14 until journalist Lasantha ) were being killed becos they wanted to make you people aware.

LTTE and Tamils asked only one. Self-determination, i.e. the right to govern their area on their own, the right to use the lands in their area on their own, the right to collect taxes and use them for their own and the right to choose their MPs and Chief Minister on their own. In short, a system similar to that is in USA. In USA all 52 states are independent(own laws, own rules, own taxes, own land, own governor, own language etc) but one as a country. But your Sinhala race continued this racistic attitude and genocide and the demand has changed to indepedent 'Tamil Nation' instead of confederate 'Tamil State'. You have crossed the boundary of 'Tamil State' long time back.

Because every single Sinhala Political Party that came to power used the short cut 'Sinhala-majority' way by telling 'Tamils are evils.. Srilanka is only for Sinhalese'. A natural way to win over 'Sinhala' people was a simple 'racist' view. Simply telling that 'Tamil is your enemy and drive him out' they made you forget about your problems and life and made you people believe that Tamils are your only problem. This what Hitler said to Nazis about Jews to drive out Jews out of Germany. This what BJP in India says to Hindus about Muslims to 'ask Muslims silent otherwise you will be killed'. Indians do not trust BJP; they drove BJP out of power. But you thick heads do believe all your racist parties. That is why every Sinhalese Party in Srilanka is dying to claim that the 'war against Tamils and LTTE' was won by them. That much 'racism' is in your bloods; In all your parties' bloods; In all your leader's bloods.
This racist attitude is not just happening today or last month or last year. It started 40 years before your Independence. Exists almost about for the past 100 years or more. If you want to learn or realize what they taught you in schools about Mahavamsa and other twisted things about history, then read history not from your Sri Lankan historians but from the international historians. If you don't believe Tamils then don't read their version of Srilankan history. But read international true scholars about Srilanka and its history and the freedom struggle and the post independence racial genocides.

I see this race problem sustained due to the lack of selfless, great leaders in India as well as Sri Lanka. VP Singh, an Indian prime minister was a good leader. He withdrew the IPKF but he was in power for 12 -1 5 months only and was thrown out. Otherwise all Indian Prime ministers including Rajiv and Manmohan Singh see Sri Lanka as a 'strategic military base' which should not be given hold to enemies. And Sinhala leaderships were also not great but selfish leaders. I hope someday some great leader will emerge either in India or Srilanka and bring peace in Srilanka.

Otherwise we all will see more blood. You (Sinhalese) and Me(Tamils). Both of us. That is for sure. The Tamils in Srilanka will live either as a separate independent state or independent nation some day either with blood shed or not. That is all up to you Sinhalese people.