Thursday, May 28, 2009

Double standards of the Easts !

In website they have posted a page titled 'Double standards of West: UN resolution on Sri Lankan humantarian crisis has been defeated on 27May09'. Those views pained me hard and my comments to that article on that website, I replicate it here.

28 June 2009.
'War on terrorism' was a catchy word for Bush. Now it has become 'catchy' in Sri Lanka and has gone up the UN Human Rights Council. West's double standards ? Come on.. what about your standards 'asian guys'(China, Russia, India, Pak and Sri Lanka)?

Do you think people reading this article are idiots enough to not understand the simple reason behind every asian country's interest in Sri Lanka ? Simple. The strategic military control center over the 'Indian ocean'. That's why China, Pakistan, Russia and Vietnam are luring around Sri Lanka, giving arms, constructing ports, pouring monatary support etc. Funny thing is these countries talk about 'Double standards' of west. US wanted to set foot in Sri Lanka and you guys wanted to eliminate US, and set foot yourselves. And in this race for 'footing in Sri Lanka', India, China, Russia and Pakistan are running now. I don't subscribe to US invasion in Asia like in Afghanistan but that does not mean 'native asian countries' group together to 'kill their own people' and suppress their 'freedom thoughts'.

It's a pain in the heart to see that countries like Indonesia, Cuba and Bolivia were standing for the 'asian group' they were supporting instead of looking into the ethnical genocide the Sinhala Govt doing against the Tamils in Srilanka.

It is true that US and some other western 'powers' try to intrude in Asian region. But the main issue here now is not their intrusion in Srilanka but the dyeing people of racial discrimination. It is the "Sinhala only in Srilanka.. Tamils must go away" attitude of Sinhala Govt for the past 60 years that fuelled this conflict. The Sinhala Govt's presidents systematically denied all the basic 'equal' rights of Tamil people who were also native of the land but minority.

I just warn these Lankan supporting countries.. Don't have stupid blind foreign policies in the name 'soverignity' and integrity. Apart from fighting against USA and other invasions it is also important to see what your fellow country is doing to its own people.

My greatest shock was Cuba, the country of socialist revolution, ruled by Fidel Castro who was one of the guiding-heroes of LTTE the rebel movement in Sri Lanka. I was shocked that Cuba just dumped this freedom movement as a mere 'terrorism' act. What a historical stupidity.

The Sinhala Govt in the name of erasing LTTE killed about 3 lakh Tamil civilian people in the 25 years of War. The Sinhala Government's brutality and racistic attitude made LTTE, the liberal movement more lethal and do you think 'suicide bombers' came out of thin air ? No. If you drive people to their ends, and they will turn loose on to you. LTTE became lethal and suicidal because of Sinhala Govt's racistic and ruthless attitude. The role of Indian Govt especially its former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi is no less in the killings of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

I urge China, India, Russia, Cuba, Bolivia, Indonesia and Vietnam countries to analyse the issue and then decide on supporting it. If an ally country is doing wrong on its own people then it is the neighbour country's responsibility to condemn its actions and set things right within the region itself. Instead if you support in the name of 'fighting terrorism' that W.George Bush did against Iraq and killed lakhs of civilians and 'soverignity' then there is no difference between You and the West.

Think about your double standards. Your hands are full of blood.

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